16 January, 2013

Pin stripe baby quilt

I was very excited this morning to be told that I had been accepted to test a baby quilt pattern. I have a 10 week old son and I haven't sewn anything for him yet. Yes, you heard correctly, I have a 10 week old son and I haven't sewn anything for him yet!!

Anyway, once the initial excitement had died down I then realised that I actually had to find some fabric for this quilt. I am thousands of miles and several postal weeks away from the nearest fabric shop and I am sure the pattern designer wants some feedback before then. Whilst the quilt itself is beautfully simple, it does require 5 fabrics that move from light to dark which isn't actually an easy thing to achieve from a random stash. However, this is me we're talking about and of course I have miles and miles of fabric in my stash, although I usually buy layer cakes rather than yardage.

One of my favourite things that I have made is this big quilt which hangs on my kitchen wall

and would you look at this

9 blues that range from denim to light teal.

The fabric is Rural Jardin by French General for Moda - my all time favourite fabric which is now virtually impossible to get hold of. I had the intention of making quite a number of these union flag quilts (and I do make them from time to time) and to do that I bought yardage. So, the fabric in the end became really simple. I picked out the following 5 fabrics from my much-treasured stash. I also need a plain fabric, and co-incidentally I have half a mile of a beautiful clotted cream cotton (top of the picture) which perfectly matches the cream flowers in the middle blue, and then to bind it I will use the lovely rich red which French General are so fantastic at.

I am very happy with this fabric and I think it will work really well with the quilt design. Right, time to put the kettle on and get cutting before the boys wake up!


  1. My word I hope you find time to sew with a 10 week old!

    1. He (Perry) seems to have settled into a lovely routine of having a couple of nice big sleeps morning and afternoon. My older 4 year old (Theo) wasn't like that - I never knew when I put him down for a nap whether he was going to sleep for 3 hours or 10 minutes so it made it very difficult to plan anything. But really, if I do get any sewing done I consider that a bonus! Theo will be back to school (mornings only) as of Monday so that will make things easier for getting some sewing done!